De vijf krachten

  • Kracht van technologische ontwikkelingen
  • Kracht van globalisering en de reactie van lokalisering
  • Kracht van demografie en langere levensverwachting
  • Kracht van de samenleving
  • Kracht van het energie vraagstuk – Lynda Gratton

The force of technology

– Technological capability increases exponentially;
– Five billion become connected;
– The cloud becomes omnipresent;
– Continuous productivity gains;
– Social participation increases;
– The worlds knowledge becomes digitalised;
– Mega-companies and micro-entrepreneurs emerge;
– Ever-present avatar and virtual world;
– The rise of cognitive assistants;
– Technology replaces jobs.

The force of globalisation

– 24/7 and the global world;
– The emerging economies;
РChina and India’s decades of growth;
– Frugal innovation;
– The global education powerhouses;
– The world becomes urban;
– Continued bubbles and crashes;
– The regional underclass emerge.

The force of demography and longevity

– The ascendance of Gen Y;
– Increasing longevity;
– Some Baby Boomers grow up poor
– Global migration increases

The force of energy resources

– Energy prices increase
– Environmental catastrophes
– A culture of sustainability

The force of society

– Families become rearranged;
– The rise of reflexivity;
– The role of powerful women;
– The balanced man;
– Growing distrust of institutions;
– The decline of happiness (work);
– Passive leisure increases.